What is an autodialer? What is an ATDS?

Many telemarketers and call centers struggle to understand the definition of an autodialer.  The short answer is that the FCC defines an autodialer (automatic telephone dialing system or "ATDS") as equipment which has the capacity to dial without human intervention.  The longer answer is more complicated and will be explored on this website. Additional information can also be found on AutodialerLaw.com. We will also update this site with important court cases that define what an autodialer is and explain the ATDS issue in more detail.  To learn the complex and fluctuating definition of an autodialer, read the information on this site and then call an experienced telemarketing compliance lawyer.  Also follow our TCPA autodialer blog at TCPAlegalblog.com.  Be the hero at your company by understanding what an autodialer really is and saving your company from autodialer fines and lawsuits.

Federal law makes it illegal to call a wireless phone using an automatic telephone dialing system (“ATDS”) for telemarketing purposes without prior express written consentThis consent is somewhat difficult to obtain under the new rules.  An ATDS is “equipment that has the capacity to (a) store or produce telephone numbers to be called, using a random or sequential number generator; and (b) to dial such numbers.”  The key term in this definition is “capacity.”  The FCC has held that this definition covers any equipment or software which has the capacity to generate numbers and dial them without human intervention, regardless of whether the numbers called are randomly or sequentially generated or come from calling lists.

From a compliance standpoint, all forms of preview dialing are safer than predictive and prerecorded telemarketing.  This is because there are no abandoned calls and the consumer often cannot distinguish between a preview-dialed call and a call dialed without the assistance of software.  However, certain risks remain.  If a dialing system has the capacity to dial without human intervention, even if it is not used in that manner, then the system itself is an ATDS and may not be used to call cell phones without written consent.

A somewhat grey area exists as to what the word “capacity” means in this context.  Courts have struggled to interpret this rule and have reached different and sometime conflicting conclusions.  One federal court held a call center liable for using an ATDS when the software program used to preview dial also had the functionality to make predictive calls.  Another recent decision held that a phone system that would not be able to autodial without substantial  modifications was not an ATDS because it lacked the “present capacity” to autodial.

How do you know if your system is an ATDS?


Consider having a telemarketing attorney audit your telemarketing campaigns. 

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What is an ATDS?
What is an ATDS?

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ATDS Definition

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